Cityscape show at George Billis Gallery

I'm thrilled to have a painting, Racquet Club Map, in the 2018 show.  This is my second year of participating in the show and the other artists are so very impressive and diverse.   If you have time you can see the show through July 21st at George Billis Gallery at 2716 South La Cienega. 

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To the Desert Group Art Show

I want to share news of an upcoming Los Angeles group show that features three of my large Map paintings along with work from 10 other artists who are based in the desert.  I co-curated the show along with Sara Marlowe Hall, the gallery owner and a wonderful artist in her own right.   

If you are in Los Angeles this Friday May 25th, please join us at the opening party that runs from 5-9 PM.  The show's run continues through Sunday June 24th.

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When you ask a friend what they are doing this weekend, it's most likely they will say “I’m going to the desert."  They could be headed to Joshua Tree, the Salton Sea or Palm Springs but, wherever they go, they know it will be a dramatic change from Los Angeles.   This pull towards the east has drawn these eleven artists to the desert, a strong influence on their sculptures, paintings, installations and photography.

The desert works its magic in different ways.  Some artists strive to capture the light, the landscape, the mountains and rock formations or the shifting horizon line.  Others are inspired by the sense of isolation, the extreme weather and the history of the area.  You can also see evidence of the region's architecture, from mid-century modern to weather beaten homesteads, along with road trips, star gazing and off-the-grid explorations.

The zeitgeist of living and working in the desert permeates these artworks. You’ll find art that incorporates found objects, discovered in salt beds or river washes, while others use raw materials such as sand and dust as media for their paintings.  All the artists are following a powerful history of art-making in the desert and in many of these works you can see the influences of Agnes Pelton, Andrea Zittel, Ed Ruscha and Noah Purifoy

MERCHANT MODERN GALLERY is located at 3004 Lincoln Blvd in Venice California and is open from Thur-Sun.  Please visit their website for more details on the show and exhibiting artists.

Alternative Landscapes: Art Show on April 15th 2017 in Palm Springs

If you are in Palm Springs please join us for the opening reception of our show Alternative Landscapes at the Galleria. Lynda Keeler's work focuses on the intersection of the natural and built environment in the desert with a series of map based large paintings along with a group of abstractions that capture the street facing yards and facades of mid century modern homes in Palm Springs. 


I was thrilled to be included in Art Marks the Spot at Makerville.  Art Marks the Spot is an art event that is parallel to DesertX in Palm Springs.  I have three pieces included in the show and you can find out more about it at

Jay Zaltzman a co-founder of Markerville in front of Pools and Lawns a 30x30 acrylic and oil on canvas painting

Jay Zaltzman a co-founder of Markerville in front of Pools and Lawns a 30x30 acrylic and oil on canvas painting


I've started a new series of maps based on a more removed view of the area.  This first painting was the view of our Palm Springs neighborhood looking down from a hiking trail.  The painting is 5 feet by 6 feet and in acrylic.