A native Californian I’ve lived in the mountains, at the beach, in the desert and in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  The history, mythology, and culture of the state has fascinated and inspired me.  Mid-century modern design, architecture and art are strong influences in my work.

I’ve left the entertainment industry after many years and have been studying painting with local artists and at UCLA, Otis School of Art, Pasadena Art Center, Santa Monica College and City College.

California artists of the 1960s continue to provide inspiration.  These include John Altoon, Richard Diebenkorn, Sam Francis, Ed Ruscha and Helen Lundeberg, who all easily shifted between pure abstraction and representational works.  A sense of optimistic energy coupled with hints of darker malaise and mystery suggested by their paintings is what I am trying to capture in my work.

MAPPING THE WORLD (2014-current)

I’ve been fascinated with maps for years. They provide an organized way to explore a neighborhood, city or country in person or as a fantasy.  Maps have meant travel, adventure and even a bit of intrigue.  Somehow maps make me feel safe while allowing for the opportunity to get lost and discover the unexpected.

Sadly printed maps are rapidly being replaced by digital GPS and on-demand apps. Even with their convenience and ease of use I miss the free AAA maps or Thomas Brother guides that were used to navigate the environment.

My paintings are highly abstracted views of the natural and built environment and reflect colors, shapes, plants and architecture I see during my walks or bike rides. They start with a iPhone app that uses GPS to capture and display the route of the walk.  I take the map outlined from the app and use that structure and design to anchor the beginning and end points. As I layer on watercolor, acrylic, ink or collage the formal map becomes very abstract and sometimes disappears into the painting.  Shapes, colors and patterns are incorporated to reference the actual places that are part of the journey.

I’m particularly interested in the intersection of the boundaries between different properties and how these edges overlap. The rapidly changing environment especially in California and how development and other influences shift the balance of nature strongly inform my work.

Lynda Keeler


instagram: lyndalax